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Headquartered in India, Conliva is by far the most renowned and eminently reputed company when it comes to providing healthy and nutritious Canola Oil. Canola Oil helps in improvement of digestive, respiratory and nervous system as well. It lubricates the body from inside without increasing the levels of fat and cholesterol. Conliva keeps in mind to prepare the best quality Canola Oil for people’s health has always been their foremost concern. Their reputation comes from the quality of the oil being prepared by them. In order to know more about their product or order it online, please visit


Conliva – The Foremost Choice of People Fir Canola Oil

Health is wealth and Conliva, Canola Oil Company stresses a lot on this. They deliver the most healthy Canola oil in the entire industry. Canola oil makes the best base for cooking, grilling and frying food ingredients in the most optimum and healthiest ways possible. They provide the most optimum quality Canola oil as compared to other brand. Their emphatically renowned product and trustworthy quality are what makes them the most approached supplier for Canola oil in India. In order to know more about them, please visit

Benefits of Using Canola Oil Vegetable Oil in India

this, extracted from the canola seed, is one of the healthiest edible oils in the world. Canola seed is yellow flowering plant that belongs to the family of broccoli, turnips, cabbages, and mustard, etc. Found in the Northern American continent, the fat of Canola seed plant is not bad, at all. By most of the nutritionists, it is considered as Good Fat oil, that nourishes the human body, it has a handsome ratio of great fat-acid ratio. It has the least saturated fat amongst all vegetable and non-vegetarian oil.
Following are a few more benefits of including Canola Oil as one of the ingredients in your meals –
Healthiest Food Oil: it is one of the healthiest vegetable and vegetarian oils. It is rich in fat, which is also referred as the good fat, having excellent fat-acid ratio. It has the lowest amount of saturated fat and highest count of monounsaturated fat, which is considered as the most convincing point in favor of including it as one of the ingredients. It is a cholesterol free oil, and this is the why it is being recommended by most of the doctors and nutritionists, all over the world.

It does not affect the flavor of vegetable and food: Unlike other vegetable and refined oils, canola oil does not take away the flavor of your food. And this is also one of the plus points in favor of using canola oil. Other natural and factory made oils forcefully affect the taste of the green vegetables while cooking or frying, canola oil maintains the taste and flavor.

It makes your food look beautiful: Some food and green vegetable, after cooking over a high heat, lose their colors. But if you use canola oil with for cooking, frying, broiling, etc., it will never make any changes in the texture of the food.

It does not harden the food after frying. Unlike butter and some vegetable oils, its helps maintaining the flavor, the texture, the quality of the food item for longer duration of time. It keeps them fresh for long.

Canola is the third most used oil in the world, because of its various qualities, health facts, and affordable price. There are a number of Canola Oil suppliers in India. If you want to buy it, you need to find a reliable supplier of Canola Oil, which can either be done in the local market or on the internet. However, before you buy it from a store or website, it is advisable to check the reliability of the vendor.

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How healthy is Canola oil?

Canola oil, world’s healthiest cooking oil, comes from the seeds of the canola plant. Canola is the best oil in terms of fat content, when looked at in totality: lowest saturated fat, very high MUFA, very high Omega-3, best balancing ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3, zero trans fats. No other oil offers this unique combination of fats. The 3rd most consumed vegetable oil in the world it comes  with the multiple health benefits like ‘Free from Trans fat and cholesterol‘, ‘high in Omega3’, making it the perfect Heart-Healthy choice. The best diet plan for your heart, Conliva has an unending list of benefits to keep your heart healthy for a long time.

The Importance of Omega 3 for your growing children

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for growing bodies. They play important roles in supporting our body’s healthy functioning, in particular our brain function. Ensuring your child receives enough omega-3s is a valuable step towards giving him the best start in life.

Studies have found up to 40% of children with learning difficulties improved their performance in school with omega-3 supplementation. They also showed improvement in behaviour and attention span. Children with learning problems including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have low levels of omega-3s, and have been found to improve with increased omega-3 intake.

Blood flow is also connected to omega-3’s function in our bodies. Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in the production of chemicals that regulate blood flow. The addition of omega-3 to a diet lacking in them (which is most people’s) has shown to improve blood flow. This in turn increases the brain’s and overall body’s ability to function efficiently. Omega-3 also affect the hormone and immune systems, which are connected to brain function.

The problem is that the modern western diet consisting of highly refined and manipulated foods is no longer naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids. Often oils in our food are treated with a process known as hydrogenation, this extends the shelf life of a product, but it also removes the omega-3 fatty acids. But Canola oil solves this problem by retaining Omega 3 even after cooking and keep the nutrients intact.

Canola Oil vs. Olive Oil

Olive oil and canola oil are both marketed as heart healthy oils for cooking and baking. However, while both oils are healthy, the two oils are very different. Olive oil is an oil that is made by pressing ripe olives and collecting their juices; canola oil is made from a hybrid of the rapeseed plant, and is a vegetable oil.

Olive oil is made from olives, the fruit of the olive tree, and is considered a fruit oil. Ripe olives are crushed, then pressed; the collected juices constitute olive oil. Olive oil is generally pressed at cold temperatures to maintain the nutritional integrity of the oil; these types of olive oils are labeled “cold pressed.”

Canola oil is manufactured at high temperatures, using a mechanical process that often involves toxic chemicals, like hexane. Canola oil is degummed, deodorized, bleached and further refined at high temperatures.

These high temperatures can change the omega-3 content of the oil and can significantly raise the oil’s concentrations of trans fatty acids and saturated fats.

While olive oil is considered the healthier oil, it’s sometimes appropriate to choose canola oil instead. Extra virgin and virgin olive oils retain much of the flavor of the olives from which they’re pressed, so while they might make a tasty dip or dressing, they often aren’t appropriate for cooking or baking. Since most types of olive oils are more expensive than canola oil, you might want to consider reserving olive oil for toppings and using canola oil for cooking and baking.


Har Dil Ab Gym Karega

A healthy heart is a happy heart. And a happy heart has a happy life. So, to keep your heart happy you have to keep it healthy. But to do this you have to compromise with your taste buds? Well, the answer is NO. The new Conliva Canola oil brings you the solution to all your heart problems. Cooking oil with zero trans fat and high Omega-3, we at Conliva believe in eating right rather than not eating at all. The oil is made from Canola seeds that contain high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated that is not only good for your heart but also cholesterol free. A personal trainer for your heart, Conliva makes your heart healthy and lets you be the way you are.